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Our brands include: Robbe, Topflite, AJ Aircraft, 3D Hobby, Pilot RC, Extreme Flight, Hangar 9, Blackhorse, Premier Aircraft, TopModel, Graupner, Seagull Models, Great Planes, Legacy Aviation, Maxford USA, Robart, Eflite, Saito, DLE, NGH, OS, Futaba, Spektrum, Hitec, Emcotec, Unilight, Powerbox, Warbird Pilots. Dubro, Sullivan, Savox, Real Flight, Beila, DualSky, Metts, Xoar, Master Airscrew, Oratex, Ultracote, Lindinger, JP Hobby, SIG, Gens Ace, 

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Wood, Glues, Resins, Covering, Paint & Building Materials

Balsa, Spruce & Plywood

Glues & Resins

Avetek CA

Thin & Medium 1 oz

Price $20

In Stock Now

Deluxe Sand 'n' Sealer

2 oz (Large Size!)

Price $25

In Stock Now

CA Accelerator

Price $20

In Stock Now

Deluxe Cover Grip 

4 Oz

Price $25

In Stock Now

Deluxe Eze-Kote

Water based resin 500ml

Price $49

In Stock Now

Deluxe Canopy Glue

Price $17

In Stock Now

Bob Smith/Avetek 30min Epoxy

Bonds wood, metal & fibreglass. 4500PSI bonds.

Price $31

In Stock Now

Liquid Gravity

Deluxe Model Products Liquid Gravity

Free rolling weight system

Net weight 240g

Price $28

In Stock Now


Bob Smith/Avetek

General purpose "Blue" -,10ml

Price $29

In Stock Now

Covering Material

Sig Koverall

Polyester based fabric.Shrinks tight with heat. Accepts common dopes & paints.


Price $70

Expected Jan 22


White & Aluminium 6' roles carried.

Other colours by special order

Price White $55 In Stock Now

Price Aluminium $65 In Stock Now


6' rolls. 

Colors common to Hangar 9 range of models in stock. Others by Order.

Price $47 (Brushed Alloy $67)

In Stock Now 


Heat shrink iron fabric, ORATEX┬« states their product has twice the adhesive strength of conventional covering fabrics, has remarkable strength & can be painted. 

Silver (2m)

Golden Yellow (10m & 3m)

White (3m & 10m) 

Antique (10m)

Stinson Red (3m & 10m)

Black (2m)

Blue (2m)

Grey (2m)

Price 2m $89

Price 3m $119

Price 10m $349

In Stock Now


Model Lite

Balsa filler (balsa tint)

Price $21

Reorder Pending

Fiberglass Cloth

0.6 Oz Superlight Fibreglass Cloth

2 m2

Price $49

In Stock Now

1 Oz Light Cloth

10 Yards

Price $130

Out of Stock


Tamiya Aircraft Spray Paints

Colours - TS33 Dull Red, TS17 Aluminium, TS26 Pure White, AS20 Insignia White, AS6 Olive Drab, TS88 Titanium Silver, TS83 Metallic Silver, TS6 Matt Black, TS6 Matt Black, TS14 Gloss Black, AS8 US Navy Blue, AS25 Dark Ghost Grey, TS80 Flat Clear, TS27 Matt White, Grey Primer (Large)

Price $15 (Large Primer $19)

In Stock Now