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Civilian Aircraft - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We carry an extensive range of civilian aircraft models from SIG, Hangar 9, Great Planes, Topflite, Blackhorse, Graupner & Legacy Aviation. Hope you find something that captures your imagination! 

Note: The full range from Seagull Models is expected to be available by way of indent order in September with delivery expected Q1 2021.


Sig Taylorcraft T-Clips 70

The "T-CLIPS" is no ordinary clipped wing Taylorcraft. Airshow pilot Erik Edgren refers to this as "Twistin It Old School". The SIG T-CLIPS 70 EG ARF is a sport scale version of Erik's striking red and black show stopper. Designed for a "60" size motor, the T-CLIPS 70 flies as good as it looks. Basic precision aerobatics are its specialty - inside and outside loops, slow rolls, point rolls, snap rolls, cuban eights, spins, and inverted flight are routine for this everyday sport aerobatic airplane. 70" span and 61 2 stroke of circa 82 4 Stroke.

Price $895

On Order - Expected Sept/Oct

Legacy Aviation (By Extreme Flight RC)

Legacy Aviation 84" Bushmaster - Yellow/Silver/Black

The Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster has already made a huge impression around the world. Light, gentle and extremely well mannered. Easy to fly for the average sport flyer, yet extremely capable of all manner of aerobatic flying and high lift/high drag flap induced antics! Reportedly the Bushmaster is the favorite model of Extreme Flight CEO Chris Hinson! Motor - 120 electric. Wood construction. Carbon wing tube. Carbon landing gear. The Legacy Aviation is one of the best and most exciting ARF's we have seen! Video

Price $1250

In Stock Now

Black Horse Models

Blackhorse 30/35cc Wilga

This complex shape model is built with such accuracy and detail it is truly unique! Fully slatted leading edges to the wing and Fowler type flaps for amazing STOL performance. Black Horse have really gone to town in the cockpit with painted pilots, four seats, control columns and a very realistic instrument panel. You can access the entire internal compartment via scale side windows that open in the correct sense. Flight characteristics are predictable and the speed envelope is wide. 88" span and suitable for 30/35cc engines.

Price $1745

Re-order Pending

Black Horse Ryan STA

Yes, the photo to the left & below left is Firebrand's Blackhorse Models demo! Span 92". Beautiful pinned control surfaces. Described by Blackhorse as 120 size. We fitted a DLE30 in our demo. After test flights our conclusion is the Ryan will fly in a scale like manner with a good 20cc motor...the DLE30 leaves power to burn! The Ryan has been one of our our most popular ARF's, and its not hard to see why! Click here for the review in Model Flying World. Video

Price - $1495

On Order - Expected Sept/Oct 


Graupner Starlet 2400

The absolutely stunning Graupner 35cc Starlet is surely one of the most unique, pretty and beautifully performing models available - and its finally available in NZ! Big 94" span. Top quality ARG from German company, Graupner. We have seen this model in the air . Graceful aerobatics is its forte!

Price - $1765

In Stock Now

Graupner BO209

86.6" span. 30 - 35cc. From Graupner in Germany so quality is a given. Large top access hatch & 2 piece wing. Includes pre-wired lights, nose wheel oleo and high quality wing/tail covers. Video

Kit Price - $1595

In Stock Now

Hangar 9

116" Hangar 9 50/60cc Cub Crafters X-Cub

The full size Cub Crafters X-Cub may look like a Cub but its redesigned from the spinner back, sports a 180hp Lycoming, does 150 + MPH and climbs at 1500' per min! So so is this amazing new release from Hangar 9 no ordinary Cub. Designed starting with factory drawings, Ali Machinchy (world renowned RC jet pilot & Horizon designer) has created one of the most exciting new release models we have seen in a long while.

From lazy Sunday flying to glider towing to vertical hovering this model does it all. Best of all its a sitter for the Saito FG-61 4 Stroke gas twin if budget permits. Video

Price $2395

In Stock Now Sprung U/C upgrade $175 - In Stock Now

Hangar 9 40 Size Cub

80" span and perfect for a 46 2 stroke or 52-62 4 stroke. Scale detailing & factory-painted airfoil-shaped aluminum wing struts. Strong, scale landing gear and easy to transport 2-piece wing. This is a lovely, quality, convenient size J3. We know from personal experience just how nicely this model goes together and behaves in the air.

Price $645

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 Giant Scale RV4

New release from Hangar 9! This stunning RV4 is sure to be a winner. 85" span and suitable for 30-40cc 2 stroke or 50-60cc 4 stroke, or EP equivalent. Flying weight of 17-19 lbs. Flaps. The Saito FG-61 twin is a perfect fit - it doesn't get better than this!

Price $1295

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 30cc Beaver

110" span high quality ARF from Hangar 9. The pictures speak for themselves. Hard to go passed a Saito Radial for this stunning model! Video

Price $1550

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 15cc Carbon Cub

The 90" span Carbon Cub is no ordinary "Cub"...it will fly a spectacular aerobatic display! Shock-absorbing main gear, tundra wheels, 2 piece wing, flaps, quick-connect struts, lights, doors and interior detailing. It is all we would expect from a premium ARF. Ask about a float option! Video

Price $845

In Stock Now

Topflite & Great Planes

Topflite Cessna

Span 81". This is stunning model for lovers of civilian RC aircraft. Full lighting system is standard. Robart oleo nose gear option as upgrade. Video

Kit Price - $1250

In Stock Now

Great Planes Cirrus SR22 46

We have secure a small number the gorgeous Great Planes Cirrus SR22. Now discontinued so this model hard to get....other than at Firebrand!

69" span, Great Planes quality, 46-82 size convenience!

Price $995

In Stock Now

Great Planes Citabria

85" span. If you are looking for a forgiving but highly aerobatic aircraft look no further! Did you know "Citabria" backwards spells "Airbatic"? Coincidence or did the designers have a plan?! Video

Kit Price - $1495

In Stock Now