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FirebrandAeroRC Custom Built & Completed Aircraft

The models listed below have been custom built by Firebrand (or associates), or been purchased/traded and refurbished as required by us before offering for resale. If you want a high quality completed model you have come to the right place!

Graupner BO209

This 87" span Graupner BO209 was built by Firebrand as a demo model. High spec includes Futaba servos, DLE40 Twin, Unilights, upgraded cockpit, alloy hub wheels, Emcotec wing plugs, Beila prop, alloy spinner, vibration isolation mounts - the list goes on. Includes RX, Ignition & Lighting batteries.  Big flaps. Two piece wing and huge top hatch. Well over $3500 replacement as spec'd. Ready to fly - just add your RX. Extremely docile flight characteristic's. Rock steady. Current only about 2 hours run time. Will be flown over Christmas pending finding a new home however! 

Price $2495

Redwing Yak 55

Stunning 73" span Redwing Yak 55.  Outstanding in the air. We have been flying with a Hacker/Jeti electric set up. Loved it! The Redwing 30cc Yak is a quality ARF. 

Servos are Futaba BLS351 on Rudder (estimated retail $260) and Hitec 5465 on Ailerons & Elevators (4 at about $80 each - $320) making the servos fitted to this model retail for around $580.

The plan was to change to a DLE35RA so out came the electric set up, but then decided to do a 3D Hobby/Extreme Flight 70cc Edge 540 for a demo instead :-) Buy the airframe only @ $595, or airframe & servos as installed $945. Add in a new DLE35RA and we will do 15% of list for you :-)

The Hacker/Jeti  electric set up we used is available - see Trades

Sport flyers will also find the ASP/Planet Hobby 180 (30cc) 4 Stroke also available under Trades a great set up. 3D flyers....DLE35RA is the way to go!

Sorry, sold

Legacy Aviation Tu​rbo Duster w/Float Set!

This stunning, high spec Legacy Aviation 65" Turbo Duster is all new and ready to maiden! Come complete with the factory float set still in the box. High spec throughout including Potenza 60 motor, Savox digital MG mini servos and 5" Alloy Hub wheels. Without doubt the best 65" span model we have flown. Huge discount (about 30%) on replacement (the floats alone are over $400!)

 See Legacy Turbo Duster

Price $1395 $1295 (with wheels as set up and the amazing float set!).

Blackhorse Models Hurricane

Built by Firebrand, this Blackhorse Hurricane is very highly spec'd! 87" span 2 piece wing. Un-run and ready to maiden (at the time of listing anyway!). Salto FG40 gas 4 stroke, Hitec servos, Beila 3B prop, Robart electric retracts & oleos, Warbird Pilots RAF figure (with servo driven moving head!), Emcotec Wing Plugs, Sullivan alloy hub wheels...the list goes on. New this model is going to set you back north of $5500 as spec'd. Beautiful! Click here for ARF spec's

Price $3895

Turbine F9F Panther

Gorgeous F9F Panther has recently had a full refurb completed including new Kingtech 80, electric retracts, fuel system, batteries, Powerbox iGyro3e & Sensor Switch Backer, Emcotecj Wing Plugs etc. Only the servos (JR) remained from original set up (and airframe of course!). Otherwise all new gear. This model will attract attention and like all Panthers will be stunning in the air.

Price $5995