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FirebrandAeroRC Custom Built & Completed Aircraft

The models listed below have been custom built by Firebrand (or associates), or been purchased/traded and refurbished as required by us before offering for resale. If you want a high quality completed model you have come to the right place!

Hangar 9 100cc Decathlon - Absolute bargain!

Supplied by Firebrand, our customers situation has changed so we repurchased this rare and impressive 138" span Hangar 9 Decathlon complete with the new DLE120, Cannisters, Beila 27/10 Carbon Prop and Miracle 4.5" Spinner. 

Customer got as far as fitting the DLE using Richter Isolation mounts, a SA1256TG servo to rudder and 2 x SC0251 to elevators and fitting landing gear. Wings are still in bags!

The model comes with highly detailed custom iFlytallies scale dash (about $500!)

All material items accounted for and ready for completion by new owner.

As supplied new cost over $5500

Price $3300

1/4 Scale Chipmunk - Fully Refurbished/Refitted by Firebrand

This stunning 1/4 scale Chippy has been extensively refitted by Firebrand for owners personal use. However with way to many projects underway the model is offered to an appreciator of beautiful scratch built models.

New DLE55RA fitted and test run only. New servos throughout. Unilight's fitted. 

Cockpit looks great complete with 1/4 scale pilot figure but isn't intended to be scale! 

Dual RX batteries through regulate DS backer an more.

Sorry, sold

Sig 1/4 Scale J3

Fully refurbished and refitted by Firebrand. Plastic covered ARF's just can't compare! New ASP/Planet Hobby FS180 with internal exhaust manifold on alloy isolation mount, new Savox servos & Sullivan On-Board Glow. Yet to be run!

105" span 2 piece wing. Awesome model that will make someone very happy.

Price $1995

F9F Panther 

Fully refurbished and refitted by Firebrand. New KT80 installed along with new plumbing, electric retracts, iGyro3e etc. Test flown by Firebrand - exceptional manners in the air.

Price $4495

Graupner BO209

This 87" span Graupner BO209 was built by Firebrand as a demo model. 

High spec includes Futaba servos, DLE40 Twin, Unilights, upgraded cockpit, alloy hub wheels, Emcotec wing plugs, Beila prop, alloy spinner, vibration isolation mounts - the list goes on. Includes RX, Ignition & Lighting batteries.  

Big flaps. Two piece wing and huge top hatch. 

Well over $3500 replacement as spec'd. Ready to fly - just add your RX. Extremely docile flight characteristic's. Rock steady. 

Current only about 2 hours run time.

Price $2495

Premier Aircraft Turbo Duster

All new and ready to maiden. Comes complete with OEM float set still in box!

65" span, Potenza 60 motor and Robbe ESC, Hitec MG servos. Upgraded 5" wheels and premium quality carbon spinner. These are exceptional models. Amazing quality and flight performance is outstanding, in fact we would go as fair as to say the best 60 size model we have flown!  Add RX and 6s LiPo of your choice and to you are ready to go. Replacement as listed with the float set over $1700

Price $1195

Blackhorse Models Hurricane

Built by Firebrand, this Blackhorse Hurricane is very highly spec'd! 

87" span 2 piece wing. 

Un-run and ready to maiden (at the time of listing anyway!). 

Salto FG40 gas 4 stroke, Hitec servos, Beila 3B prop, Robart electric retracts & oleos, Warbird Pilots RAF figure (with servo driven moving head!), Emcotec Wing Plugs, Sullivan alloy hub wheels...the list goes on. 

New this model is going to set you back north of $5500 as spec'd. 

Beautiful! Click here for ARF spec's

Price $3895