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Motors, ESC's & Accessories


80 Price $235 In Stock Now

160 Price $390 In Stock Now

EFlite Power 60 470kv

Price $255 In Stock Now

Note: All Rimfire & EFlite Motors available by Special Order 

Robbe Ro-Power

4356 - 1000w 600KV 4-6s

Price $160

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

5052 - 1300w 410KV 5-6s

Price $170

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

5062 - 1600w 305KV 6-8s

Price $180

Special Ordder

Robbe Ro-Power

6354 - 1800w 370KV 6-8s

Price $275

In Stock Now

Robbe Ro-Power

6359 2400 w 350KV 6-8s

Price $285

Re-order Pending

Robbe Ro-Power Torque

6374 - 3000W. 200KV 10-12s

Price $335

In Stock Now

Robbe Pro Control

6-80 3-6s 80A (100 Surge)

Price $190

In Stock Now

14-130 6-14s 130A (160 Surge)

Price $330

In Stock Now

Pro Control Programming Module

Price $35

In Stock Now

HobbyWing Platinum Pro

100A 2-6s

Price $230

Special Order

Platinum Pro Programming Module

Multifunction LCD Display

Price $70

In Stock Now

Robbe RoControl


2-6s 60A (80 Surge)

Price $80 In Stock Now


2-6s 80A (100 Surge)

Price $110 In Stock Now

Programming Module

Price $30 In Stock Now


80Amp 2-6s Price $110  In Stock Now


Programming Card Value $20

with your Hornet 80A ESC while stock lasts!


Ro-Bec 6A

The Robbe RO-BEC is a very powerful separate power supply for RC models of all kinds.

In order to meet today's requirements, the switched power supplies have a selectable output voltage of 5, 6 or 7.4V for operation with HV servos. Input voltage range of 7-25.5 volts (2-6S LiPo) and achieve an efficiency of up to 93%.

Price $40

In Stock Now

Sound Module 

Sense innovations Sound Module

The new Soundsystem PSM1. Realistic engine sound for larger electric models. 2S LiPo battery from 500mAh is recommended. Only 130g exc battery. Multiple motor sound options. Speakers 45mm x 15mm. Simple installation. Video

Price $185

In Stock Now