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Dedicated Electric Only Models - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

If you are looking for premium brand model designed specifically for electric check out the Sebart WindS or Miss Ultimate, Legacy Bushmaster or Extreme Flight "Baby Metal".


Sebart Miss Ultimate 50e

Miss Ultimate offers the familiar Sebart features such as high quality workmanship, outstanding flight performance and much more. From the hand of multiple champion Sebastiano Silvestri, these models are the ultimate precision aircraft with incredible flight performance. Manufactured in mixed wood construction with many GRP parts and extensive accessories. 1500mm span and approx weight of 3750g. 5000mAh 6s set up recommended.

Price $1250

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Sebart Cessna 50e

The Cessna S 30-50E ARF was designed by 15 times Italian champion Sebastiano Silvestri, Vice European Champion and 2 times F.A.I. World Cup winner F3A. This professional ARF model is the result of 30 years of experience in model aircraft design. This, combined with its extremely light structure and many small aerodynamic tricks, gives the Cessna S 30-50E impressive precision and easy control in all flight conditions. The Cessna S 30-50E can do everything! It can be flown very stable and easy at any flying speed: a dream for every beginner. In experienced hands, it can easily perform the following maneuvers: inverted flight, hover, positive harrier, knife flight, and almost anything else you can think of! Span 1660mm. 2900gm. Suit 4000mAh plus 3 - 6s (depending on motor spec).

Price $995

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Sebart Wind S 50e & Extreme Flight "Baby Metal"

See F3A/Aerobatic/3D

Legacy Aviation (By Extreme Flight RC)

Legacy Aviation 84" Bushmaster - Yellow/Silver/Black

The Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster has already made a huge impression around the world. Light, gentle and extremely well mannered. Easy to fly for the average sport flyer, yet extremely capable of all manner of aerobatic flying and high lift/high drag flap induced antics! Reportedly the Bushmaster is the favorite model of Extreme Flight CEO Chris Hinson! Motor - 120 electric. Wood construction. Carbon wing tube. Carbon landing gear. The Legacy Aviation is one of the best and most exciting ARF's we have seen! Video

Price $1250

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