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Aeroba​tic/3D/F3A - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We carry a select number of premium brand Aerobatic models from AJ Aircraft, Pilot RC, Sebart, Premier Aircraft, Extreme Flight & Legacy Aviation.

Note: The full range from Seagull Models is expected to be available by way of indent order in September with delivery expected Q1 2021.

3D Hobby Shop Edge 540 (by Extreme Flight)

Conventional construction 93" span, 55-70cc "high end" ARF for those who appreciate quality.

It doesn't come much better in this class of model.

Price $2195

In Transit - Expected December

AJ Aircraft Raven 

73" span & 35/40cc. High quality traditional construction with extensive use of carbon. Wing bags included! Refer AJ Customer Reviews on the Raven....."10 out of 10 from start to finish"

Price $1535

Red Scheme - In Transit. Expected December

Green Scheme - On Order. Expected January

Pilot RC Edge 540 "Hamilton"

67" span and suitable 20cc. High quality traditional construction. Version 3. Convenient size precision model.

Price $995

In Transit - Expected December. Sorry sold

Extreme Flight Laser

Presenting the brand new Extreme Flight 74" Laser EXP V2! Use of composite G10/ply laminate, carbon stringers and spars reduces weight while adding strength and rigidity. The classic Laser may well be the ultimate aerobatic RC model in its class!

Price $1545

In Transit - Expected December

AJ Aircraft ARS 300

67" span. Designed for 1900 watt plus 6s set up. Top end ARF. Refer AJ Customer Reviews on the ARS...."A vastly superior product and well worth the extra investment".

Price $1195

In Transit - Expected December

Sebart Mythos 50e

Mytho S 50e by SEBART models from the hand of multiple champion Sebastiano Silvestri. These models are ultimate precision aircraft with incredible flight performance. Span 1580mm. Flight weight approx 2750g

Price $1050

On Order - Expected January

Premier Aircraft Mamba 70

Hangar 9 ​Pit​ts S2