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Our brands include: Robbe, Topflite, AJ Aircraft, 3D Hobby, Pilot RC, Extreme Flight, Hangar 9, Blackhorse, Premier Aircraft, TopModel, Graupner, Seagull Models, Great Planes, Legacy Aviation, Maxford USA, Robart, Eflite, Saito, DLE, NGH, OS, Futaba, Spektrum, Hitec, Emcotec, Unilight, Powerbox, Warbird Pilots. Dubro, Sullivan, Savox, Real Flight, Beila, DualSky, Metts, Xoar, Master Airscrew, Oratex, Ultracote, Lindinger, JP Hobby, SIG, Gens Ace, 

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Pumps, Valves, Filters, Tanks etc.

Emcotec Fuel & Smoke Fillers

These are high quality fillers with a non-return valve made in Germany.

Price $60

In Stock Now

MPJ & Dubro Kwik-Fill Valves

Gas & Glow variations (Gas red, Glow silver/black).

Price - $35 Glow In Stock Now

Price - $45 Gas In Stock Now

Hangar 9 Fuel Filler w/Drain

Suits glow or gas.

Price $15

In Stock Now

Filling Pu​mps

DLE Rechargeable Electric Fuel Pump

  • Rechargeable (USB Cable Included)
  • High Volume - Flow 2L/minute
  • Filter, Line & Clunk included
  • JetA1, Gas. Nitro

Price $189 In stock Now

Manual Filling Pumps

JetA1, Gas & Nitro

DLE (Pictured) - Price $100 Re-order Pending

CY/H9 - Price $30 In Stock Now

Fuel Tanks, Line & Filters etc.

Dubro Tanks

We carry 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz & 80 oz tanks as stock items. Full range available by Special Order

Price 12/14 oz $20, 16/20 oz $25 , 80 oz $60

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 

Price $12

In Stock Now

Star Large Engine

Price $12

In Stock Now

Dubro/Robbe Tygon Tubing

2.4mm ID $10, 3.2mm ID ($15) & 4.8mm ID ($20) per meter

In Stock Now

Fuel Line

3/6mm - $6 In Stock Now

Dubro Gas Conversion Stopper

Price $6

In Stock Now

Dubro Fuel Line Barbs

Price $6

In Stock Now

Pressure Fittings

Price $6

In Stock Now

Saito F-1 Fuel Filter

Water & dirt separation.

Price $50

In Stock Now

Clear Tanks

Modelbau Lindinger/Pilot

410ml - $45 Out of Stock

700ml - $50 Out of Stock

1000ml - $55 In Stock Now

1500ml - $55 Out of Stock

Planet Hobby

360ml - $35 In Stock Now

500ml - $39 Expected July

700ml - $45 In Stock Now

1000ml - $49 In Stock Now

1500ml - $50 Out of Stock