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Keleo Creation Exhaust Rings

  • Saito 90R3 Collector Ring - $550 Re-order Pending
  • Saito 60R3 Collector Ring - $550 In Stock Now
  • Saito 33R3 Collector Ring - $550 Re-order Pending
  • Saito 19R3 Collector Ring - $485 In Stock Now
  • Evolution 7-77 Collector Ring - $595 In Stock Now

NGH GF38 Muffler

Price $109 or $79 when purchased with a new NGH GF38

In Stock Now

DLE Exhaust Canister Silencers

Pair - DLE35RA In Stock Now

Pair - DLE55RA In Stock Now

Price - $65 per pair

Saito Right Angle Exhaust Manifold

Used for "in cowl" exhaust installations. Various sizes in stock to suit most Saito motors carried.

Price - From $45

In Stock Now

Please advise engine model.

Saito Flexible Exhaust

Price - From $85

In Stock Now

Please advise engine model.

Pictured - DLE61/65 Pitts

Pitts Mufflers

DLE55 $155

DLE61/65 $230

In Stock Now

Evo 10GX2/OS46AX - Price $145 (Bisson Pitts)

Out of Stock

Evo 15GX2/OS65AX - Price $155 (Bisson Pitts)

Out of Stock

Inside Cowl Exhaust Manifold

Genuine OS part. Fits OS120FS and Planet Hobby 120FS & 180FS. This is a must have part to enable an in cowl muffler installation. Highly recommended!

Price $85

In Stock Now

Exhaust Deflector (12mm)

Price $10

In Stock Now

Genuine DLE Canister Sets

DLE35RA $195 In Stock Now

DLE55RA $205 In Stock Now

DLE111/120 Twin $395 (Pair) Re-order Pending

Evolution 26/33 Horizontal Mount Pitts

Price $165

In Stock Now

Vibration Isolation Mounts

Richter Large Engine Isolation Mounts

Price $95 for a set of 4 (note only 2 pictured)

In Stock Now

Dubro Vibration Reducing Mounts

3 size available to suit engines up to 25cc.

40 - 80 Price $95 Re-order Pending

80 - 100   Price $110 Special Order

100 - 150 Price $120 In Stock Now

Adjustable Mounts

40 - 70 Price $20 In Stock Now

60 - 120 Price $25 On Backorder

120 - 180 Price $30 In Stock Now

Stand Offs

Stand Offs

Price $60

Limited Sizes - Please Ask 

Velocity Stack

DLE/Walbro Velocity Stack

Price $25

In Stock Now

Choke Arm Assembly

Tidy Choke

Described by one Firebrand customer after fitting to his new DLE35RA as "the coolest thing I've bought in ages!". No bits of scrappy wire flapping around the front of your cowl. Includes mount, connectors & arm. Available in 10mm & 12mm sizes to suit most common standoffs.

Price $30

Limited Stock Remaining!