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Radio Systems


DX8e (TX only)

DSMX® technology, the simplicity of Spektrum AirWare™ firmware as well as many other features you won’t find on other “budget” radios. The DX8e comes equipped with the programming you need, no matter what you fly. And because it’s based on the same Spektrum AirWare firmware used in most other Spektrum transmitters, you can share model setups with just about any Spektrum user you meet.

With the flexibility 8-channels delivers, it’s exciting to consider all the options many modern aircraft can accept. Aircraft with flaps, retracts and SAFE® select can now all be flown to their full potential. 

Price  $429

In Stock Now

NX10 (TX Only)

From its brilliantly designed display to the Wi-Fi connectivity plus built-in Smart Technology support and more, the NX10 gives experienced pilots access to a wide array of Spektrum™ exclusive advantages and innovations.

NX8 - Price $699

Available Now

Price NX10 $959

In Stock Now


Futaba 16SZ w/R7108SB

Probably the best value mid/upper range radio available. Touch screen interface is awesome.

Price $1195

Available Now in Mode 1 or 2

Futaba 10J with R3008SB

Proven mid range unit for general use up to Giant Scale models. SBus & Telemetry.

Price $549

Special Order



8+ channel RX. 2.4 GHz. T-FHSS.

Price $155

In Stock Now

R3004SB & R3006SB

4+/6+ channel RX. 2.4 GHz. T-FHSS.

R3004SB - Price $99 $79 Out of Stock

R3006SB - Price $119 Out of Stock

Futaba R7003SB

FASSTest 2.4GHz Bidirectional S.BUS2/S.BUS Port Receiver.

Price $235

Matched Pair - $359

In Stock Now (Special Conditions Apply)


7 channel RX. 2.4 GHz. FASST.

Price  $155

Out of Stock


FASSTest 2.4GHz Bidirectional BUS2/S.BUS Port and Conventional System Receiver.

Price $265

Re-order Pending


FASTest 14 Channel S.Bus. New release.

Price $389

Out of Stock


AR620, AR6610T & AR637T

6 Channel full range sport RX's

The 6610T (pictured) is a full range telemetry RX. The 637T has built in AS3X flight stabilization. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 )Remote Receiver if desired ($79)

AR620 - Price $89 Special Order

AR6610T - Price $159 In Stock Now

AR637T - Price $235 Order Now


8 Channel full range RX with integrated telemetry. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 )Remote Receiver if desired ($79)

Price $177

In Stock Now


10 Channel full range with telemetry. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 Remote Receiver if desired ($79)

Price $255

In Stock Now


8 channel with built in AS3X flight stabilisation. Full telemetry. SRXL2 Port for additional SRXL2 Remote Receiver if desired ($79)

Price $245

In Stock Now


Powerbox iGyro 3Xtra

The iGyro Xtra is the choice of those who demand the best. The control characteristics are identical to those of the iGyro SRS. The iGyro 3Xtra is looped between the receiver and servos, and its gain can be adjusted in flight if an auxiliary channel is assigned to it. Video

Price $490

In Stock Now

Flex Innovation Aura 8

Advanced flight control system for fixed wing. Your aircraft will fly as if it were bigger, in less wind, even though it is as agile as you want it to be.. Powerful 32-bit processor makes it virtually future proof. The micro USB port makes updates easy, not complex. The Aura 8 offers various three axis gyro stabilization modes with six axis sensor.

Price $225 $199

Out of Stock

Powerbox iGyro 1e

The iGyro 1e is the little brother of the iGyro3e. Ideal for a single axis input (e.g. Rudder).

Price $170

In Stock Now

Dualsky S.Bus Hub

Dualsky S.Bus 18 Channel 20 Amp Capacity Expander

The Dualsky S.HUB allows the connection of up to 3 S-Bus receivers. This signal is converted into a PWM signal and outputs up to 18 channels. Power is routed direct toe the Hub which can handle a current of max. 20A. The power supply can be switched on and off using the supplied switch.

Price $119

In Stock Now

Futaba S.Bus Decoders & Hubs

SBD-2 S.Bus Decoder (8 Servos)

Allows non S.Bus/S.Bus2 servos to be used in an S.Bus system.

Price $175

In Stock Now

SBD-1 S.Bus Decoder (3 Channels)

Allows 3 servos to be be programmed to specific channels.

Price $95

In Stock Now

S.Bus Channel Setter

Used for setting channels to S.Bus servos and decoders of the Futaba

S.Bus system -1 S.Bus Channel Setter

Price $60

In Stock Now

SBus Terminal Box

Price $30

In Stock Now

TX Cases


Price $249

On Backorder