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Seagull Indent Order 2020 Now Open!

Key things you will want to know.....

Promoter is HOTRC. Click Here for detailed specifications and photos of Seagull Models available

Offer closes 30 September. 20% deposit required on order. Delivery expected early 2021 (based on previous years anticipate delivery late Feb/March).

Very attractive delivery costs.

How to Order.....

To order please email FirebrandAeroRC

Models Available & Price Including GST

SEA330Gear Giant Mitchell B-25 span 95in, 20cc w/Electric Retracts $2,327

SEA306Gear P-47 Wicked Rabbit 81in span (50cc-60cc) w/Electric Retracts $1,808

SEA334WGear Giant Zero A6M Gas ARF 50-60cc, 86in w/Electric retracts $1,657

SEA334Gear Giant Scale ZERO span 86in, 50-60cc w/Tank, Alloy Hub 4in wheels, JP 15mm Electric Retracts $1,654

LH348camo 86in SKYRAIDER S.E.A. CAMO SHARKMOUTH w/o landing gear $1,557

LH348grey 86in SKYRAIDER GRAY/WHITE w/o landing gear $1,523

SEA314G Seagull Decathlon 3D 3m span 50cc Green $1,523

SEA314Y Seagull Decathlon 3D 3m span 50cc Yellow $1,523

SEA330 Giant Mitchell B-25 span 95in, 20cc w/Alloy Hub wheels 4.5in (2) w/Retracts $1,450

LH348 86in SKYRAIDER ARC UNCOVERED w/o landing gear $1,440

SEA250S P-40N Warhawk Shark head 80in 33-38cc w/Electric rotating Retract $1,436

SEA250P P-40N Warhawk Parrothead 80in 33-38cc w/Electric rotating Retracts $1,436

SEA306 P-47 Wicked Rabbit 81in, 50-60cc $1,236

SEA216 Westland Lysander 118 inches (Matte finished) $1,122

SEA357Y Shock Cub 38-50cc-102IN span Yellow w/wingbags $1,095

SEA357 2020 Shock Cub 38-50cc-102in span Silver w/wingbags $1,088

SEA334 Giant Scale ZERO span 86in, 50-60cc w/Tank, Alloy Hub Rubber 4in wheels, w/o Retracts $1,038

SEA-150-330 Electric Retract set for Mitchell B-25 95in SEA330 $978

LH348Gear Electric Retract Set 3pcs (Mains/Tail) with Wheels $971

SEA274-R Extra 330LX MKII - 3D 50cc, Red- Blk-Wht colour $971

SEA274-B Extra 330LX MKII - 3D 50cc, Blue-Red colour $971

SEA260 Supermarine Spitfire 55cc (matte finished), Span 219.5cm, Engine 50cc-55cc $911

SEA324B Seagull Grumman F8F-2, Bearcat, Navy (Blue Corsair) - 71in (33cc) $877

SEA324Y Seagull Grumman F8F-2, Bearcat, Conquest I - 71in (33cc) Yellow $877

SEA288 RYAN PT-22 RECRUIT Scale: 1/4, 90in 33 - 40 cc $834

SEA323 Seagull Gilmore Red Barron 74in (38cc) $827

SEA299 Cessna 188 AGwagon - 97in 33-38cc $820

SEA257 Focke-Wulf FW 190 matt finished, Span 203.3cm, Engine 33-38cc $743

SEA285 DH Mosquito 80in, twin .46-55 glow or, 15cc $686

SEA285M DH Mosquito - 80in .46-55 (Matte finish - new version) $686

SEA-150-306 Electric Retract set for P-47 81in (50cc-60cc) SEA306 $676

SEA-150-348 Electric Retract (Main Gear Set) 2pcs only for SKYRAIDER 86in 100 Degree Rotating Main Gear $670

SEA-150-334 Electric Retract set for Zero 86in SEA334 $670

SEA325 L-4 Grasshopper span 90in -1/5 Scale (15-20cc) $670

SEA303 Nieuport 28 replica - 1/5 scale with a 68in $670

SEA305 P26A PEASHOOTER - 71 inches - 30cc $670

SEA183 Spitfire 80in. 22-40cc 2-stroke, 40-50cc 4-stroke $650

SEA278 Messerschmitt Bf 109E (20cc) $636

SEA277 Red Baron Pizza Squadron's Stearman (20cc) $636

SEA114 Nemesis 120-180, 2045mm span $609

SEA231 Monocoupe 110 Special (Spirit of Dynamite) 20cc, Span 203.2cm, Engine 20cc $609

SEA337 Bristol M1C Monoplane Span 71in 1/4 Scale $603

SEA302 Reno YAK 11 pylon racer 67.5in 30cc $603

SEA268 DHC-2 Turbine Beaver 30cc ( Floats Optional) $603

SEA136 PT-19 120, by Seagull Models $599

SEA237B Steen Skybolt N250SB -15cc (Black/Red) $596

SEA237S Steen Skybolt N250SB -15cc (Silver/Blue), Span 155cm, Engine 15cc $596

SEA304Y DHC-1 Chipmunk 1/5 Scale 80in, 20cc Yelllow $593

SEA304G 1/5 Scale DHC-1 CHIPMUNK 80in, 20cc, Camo colour matt finish $593

SEA212 Seagull Bücker Bü-133 $593

SEA212US Ultimate Bip .46-55cu - 2 Stroke $593

SEA270 Yak-3U Steadfast - 20cc $589

SEA146 Cessna 337-1950mm (Cessna License) $586

SEA124 Super Tucano .91 With Retracts $579

SEA258 North American T-28 Trojan Electric Retract optional AM-05 and AM-06, Span 160cm, Engine 10-15cc $576

SEA240M T-34 Mentor (matte finished)T-34 Mentor (matte finished), Span 190cm, Engine 20cc-22cc $566

SEA240Y T-34 Mentor (yellow colors scheme)T-34 Mentor (yellow colors scheme), Span 190cm, Engine 20cc $566

SEA169 Seagull Gipsy Moth 15-20cc $559

SEA207 P-47G Thunderbolt Snafu 60 ARF (15cc Gasoline Engine) $552

SEA116 Seagull Supermarine Seafire for 75-91 size Engine $549

SEA279 RANS S 20 Raven - 80 inches - 20cc $542

SEA230B Skyraider Warbird 10cc (Matte finished) Bee version, Span 160cm, Engine 10-15cc $542

SEA230T Skyraider Warbird 10cc (Matte finished) Tiger version with Rockets, Span 160cm, Engine 10-15cc $542

SEA249D Van's RV-8 (Diamond Di), Span 180cm, Engine 20cc $542

SEA249E Van RV-8 (Eagle with fire, white), Span 180cm, Engine 20cc $542

SEA338 P-47D Little Bunny MK II 10cc span 52in with NACA drops $536

SEA104 Christen Eagle II (Bi-Plane) Size 75-91, span 1370mm $536

SEA94 PC-9 (1800mm) - Including Retracts- 120 (2 Stroke) $536

SEA180 Seagull Christen Husky (80 Inches), Sport/Scale $532

SEA174 Cessna 152 (2030mm) $529

SEA209 Seagull Maxi Lift 33cc Gasoline Engine, AEROBATIC $529

SEA137A KA8B Glider 3m White $526

SEA132 B4 Glider (Wingspan 3000mm) $526

SEA137B KA8B Glider – Yellow $526

SEA103-US Seagull T6A Texan $519

SEA195 Savage Cruiser (2032mm) $519

SEA82 Seagull Geebee (120) $516

SEA26A Seagull Edge 540 Size 1.2-1.6 Pearl Blue $509

SEA26B Edge 540 Size 1.2-1.6 cu in - 2 Stroke -white/red $509

SEA232 Maule Super Rocket 15cc ( floating - optional), Span 180cm, Engine 10-15cc $502

SEA83 Super Decathlon 1.20 Cu. $499

SEA84 Seagull Edge 540 (120) $496

SEA74 Piper Cub 1.20- 2 Stroke $486

SEA103 Seagull PC-9 (75-91) $482

SEA61 Space Walker II Size 1.20-1.5 Cu In $469

SEA70B Seagull Extra 300s (61-75 Size) $469

MST01123 Master Scale build kit edition A6M2 ZERO span 67in $462

SEA254R Funky Cub 10-15cc -SEA254 (float set optional) red/sliver, Span 180cm, Engine 10-15cc $459

SEA254Y Funky Cub Yellow 10-15cc Span 180cm, Engine 10-15cc (float set optional) $459

SEA86 Seagull Decathlon (91) $452

SEA275 Junkers CL1 G-BUYU - 15cc $442

SEA276 North American P-51D Mustang 10cc $435

SEA50 Seagull Ultimate Bi-Plane (90-120) $429

MSK01207 Master Scale Build kit edition P-47 Thunderbolt span 63in $419

SEA117 Turbo Raven 46-55 ARF $419

SEA255R Classic Ugly Stick - Red, Span 180cm, Engine 10cc-15cc $419

SEA255W Classic Ugly Stick - White, Span 180cm, Engine 10cc-15cc $419

SEA229 Radial rocket TD 10cc, Span 158.2cm, Engine 10cc $415

SEA107 PC- 6 Pilatus Porter 46-55 2-stroke, 72-82 4-stroke, span 1600mm $412

SEA110 AT-6 (40-52), span 1590mm $412

SEA168 Seagull Madness 1.8 (60 size) $408

SEA130 Seagull 2000 Glider ARF $392

SEA238 Bowers Flybaby 10-15cc-1750mm, Span 175cm, Engine 10-15cc $392

SEA87 Seagull Piper Cub .75 Cu $392

SEA210 Isport 10-15cc (61-91) $378

SEA53B Seagull Yak 54 (91) $375

SEA54 Seagull Edge-540 (60 Size) $375

SEA40 Seagull Funfly 3D $358

SEA199-EOL Seagull Extra Ea 300l Size 46-55 $342

SEA30 Decathlon 40-46cu In - 2 Stroke $328

SEA97 Seagull CAP 232 (46 size) $321

SEA200 Challenger Sport (40-46) $321

SEA19 Space Walker II Size 40-46 Cu In - 2 Stroke $318

SEA193 Seagull Taylorcraft EP 25e, ELECTRIC POWER $318

SEA268F DHC-2 Turbine Beaver Float set ONLY $311

SEA42 Seagull Harmon Rocket (46 size) $308

SEA12 PC 9 Pilatus .40-46 2-stroke, 1540mm span $298

SEAX13 Seagull EP Space Walker II 1.6m,Electric Power $295

SEA307 Seagull Racer 40-46 Delta ARF 38.5in 40-46, 10cc $278

SEA200K Seagull Challenger Balsa Build kit $251

SEA10 SEAGULL 40 Low Wing Trainer Size .40-46 2 stroke, span 1530mm $241

SEA158F Float Set: Glasair Sportsman G2+2 $241

SEAX7 Seagull EP Decathlon 1.3m ,Electric Power $241

SEAX8 PC 9 Roulette EP, span 1260mm $241

SEA211K Boomerang EP Trainer Build kit $234

SEA27 Boomerang Trainer ARF Size 40-46 Cu in - 2 Stroke (Version II 3in1 ) $234

SEA27K Seagull Boomerang 40 Balsa Build Up Kit $234

SEA211 Boomerang EP Trainer ARF $218

SEA03 Arising Star -Trainer Size 40-46 (New Version) $208

SEA15 Jumper 25 Trainer Size 25-32 Cu In - 2 Stroke $191