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Sport Planes - Almost Ready to Fly (ARF's)

We stock a range of outstanding sport models from Great Planes & Hangar 9. If electric Sport Model is an option make sure you check out our Electric Models page also!

Note: The full range from Seagull Models is expected to be available by way of indent order in September with delivery expected Q1 2021.

Great Planes

Great Planes Avistar 46

62.5" span. Sport performance with trainer confidence. This is a great little plane...having flown one extensively in the past we can highly recommend!

2 piece wing, flaps and trike UC are great features. OS46/55AX, Saito FA-62 or Rimfire 46/55 perfect match. Video

Price $365

In Stock Now

Great Planes Avistar 30cc

Outstanding giant scale sport model. 90.5" span. Flaps. Limited stock as recently discontinued by Great Planes, so act now!

Price $1195

In Stock Now

Hangar 9

Hangar 9 Tiger 30cc

The new 90" span Hangar 9® Tiger delivers the classic looks and performance of the popular Tiger series in a larger 30cc platform for common gas engines and electric power systems. It only needs a 30cc-class power system to deliver outstanding performance. Lightweight design. The large canopy hatch provides easy access to radio gear, batteries and fuel system while the pre-hinge control surfaces save you time when building. The bolt-on two-piece wings. If you're looking for a big sport airplane with ties to the radio control flying past and can do it all with a modern flair, the Tiger 30cc airplane is for you.

Price $1095

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc

The Hangar 9® Meridian is a great low wing sport model. From its long fuselage and stylishly shaped tail surfaces to the super stability of its generously proportioned constant-chord wing, every feature ties together. Forgiving manners, it appeals to the veteran and novice RC pilot. Big enough for good visibility. In addition, its functional flaps add a level of capability that complements the ease and grace in which this low-wing model performs sport aerobatics and smooth landings. Trike gear makes for easy takeoffs & landings! 69" span & suit 60/91 glow or gas, or EP equivalent. Video

Price $585

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 Timber 110

The new release Timber is a 110" span, 35-50cc STOL & sport aerobatic model based on the highly successful EFlite Timber. If you are looking for a big model that can be flown from a confined strip look no further!

Check out the Video !

Price $1595

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 10cc Ultra Stick

Like its big brother the 10cc Stick has a huge flight envelope. 60" span. Ideal first sport model and it wont empty the Bank! Can be set up with glow, electric, or gas.

Price - $575

In Stock Now

Hangar 9 30cc Ultra Stick

Guaranteed to stand out in this green! Stable and predicable. Huge flight envelope from general sport flying through to 3D if required! 2060 mm span. Great customer feedback!

Price - $795

Special Order

Hangar 9 30cc Valiant

The Hangar 9 30cc Valiant is a big, stunning sport model and with impeccable manners. 30/40cc and 108" span.

You will love the Valiants crisp sport aerobatic characteristics.

Price $1550

Special Order