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Builders Kits

For the traditional builder we carry a select range of quality traditional builders kits (along with everything you will need to build your pride & joy!)

Sig Citabria

The Citabria was introduced in the early 1960s by the Champion Aircraft Corp as a sporty alternative for private pilots who wanted something different. It was a direct descendant of the venerable Aeronca Champ. By spelling "airbatic" backwards, they came up with the name Citabria. Sport fliers fell in love with the Citabria because, even though it had more horsepower and new aerobatic capability, it is still a sweet flying Champ at heart. This model has a 69" span and suitable 46/55 2 Stroke or 62/82 4 Stroke.

Price $495

In Transit - Expected December

Sig King Kobra

The foam core wing and unique fuselage construction get you in the air fast with a model that looks as good as it flies! If you want a great performing model without spending a lot of money, it’s hard to beat a .60 size pattern plane. The King Kobra fly's great with a sport .60 R/C engine and it's big enough to dazzle the crowds and to easily see, even at extreme distances. If you want to up-spec this model up to the max, the building instructions include tips on tuned pipes and retracts. A fully symmetrical wing and airfoiled stabilizer make the King Kobra fly super smooth. It can make an average Sunday flier look like an expert! Span 58".

Price $495

In Transit - Expected December

BMK Giant PC6 Turboprop

Span's 3.2m and suitable 50-80cc (but we would modify to fit the Kingtech K45 Turboprop!). Easy build using a modular system with online "instructions". Approx 12kg finished. Precisely laser-cut wooden parts. GRP cowl. Landing gear & hardware/small parts. As the flying weight suggests this is not a small kit!

Price $1395

In Stock Now

Balsa USA Eindecker 40

60" span. Wonderful top quality builders kit of this famous WW1 monoplane. Ideal OS46AX or Saito 62 glow, or Evo 8cc gas.

Price $395 (including Dubro Vintage Scale Wheels "Free"!)

Out of Stock

Topflite Elder 40

This kit is a breeze to build, and the model is just gorgeous...we know because we have built one and it still hangs from the hangar ceiling! 65" span and ideal for 40/46 2 stroke or 52/62 4 stroke. We recommend a small 4 stroke. And yes, we have have vintage wheels in stock to suit this kit!

Price $395

In Stock Now

Trade-in Items

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