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Retracts & Accessories

Robart Giant Scale Warbird Retracts

We carry scale retracts for the Giant Scale Topflite warbirds in stock.

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Photo: Robart Electric Mains - Topflite Giant Spitfire

FlexInovations Electric Retract Sequencer

  • Normal door servo ports (stay open)
  • P-51 style door servo ports (open/close)

Price $60

In Stock Now

Robart HD Electric Retracts

551 Series - 18lbs. Price $660

In Stock Now

631 Series - 24lbs. Price $730

In Stock Now

Robart Robostruts (Pair)

7/16" Straight Price $395 In Stock Now

7/16 Offset (4") Price $395 In Stock Now

1/2"Straight (XL) Price $440 In Stock Now

1/2" Offset (5") Price $440 Re-order Pending

EFlite Retracts

60 to 120 Size 85 Degree $410

In Stock Now

60 - 120 Size 90 Degree $410

In Stock Now

60 to 120 Size 95 Degree Rotating $415

In Stock Now

60 to 120 Size Nose (w/Strut) $235

Re-order Pending

EFlite 60-120 Size Oleo's and Legs (Pair)

165mm - Price $199

In Stock Now

Eflite Replacement Standard Spring 60-120 Struts (L/R Pair)

Price $29

In Stock Now

Robart Extension Leads

Price - 12" $30 (Pair) In Stock Now

Price - 24" $30 (Single) In Stock Now

Robart Steerable Nose Gear

Suits 8-12lb models (ideal Topflite Cessna)

Price $195

Re-order Pending

Robart Controller (177)

Price $240

In Stock Now

Robart Tailwheel Retract

60-90 Size - Price $60

In Stock Now

1/5 Scale (Pictured) - Price $255

In Stock Now

Robart Tailwheel Retract

Suitable 20 - 30cc aircraft

Price $380

In Stock Now

Robart Tailwheel Retract

35 - 60cc size aircraft electric fork or offset as pictured.

Price $440

Special Order

Hitec HS-75BB (Retract Servo)

Purpose designed retract servo suitable for 40-60 size models.

Price $65

In Stock Now

Spektrum A7040HV (Retract Servo)

High torque, slow speed, metal gear suitable for large models.

Price $95

On Backorder

Robart Air System Components

- Tank

- Connectors

- Air line

- Restrictors

- Etc.

Most common items carried. Please ask!

Ozito 12v Air Pump

This 12V lithium ion cordless air pump is ideal for air retracts. Up to 160psi. 14 liters p/min.

Price $89

Out of Stock

On-Board Air Gauge

Festo - $60

In Stock Now

Jetronic Electronic Valves

Double Action (Retracts) $275

In Stock Now

Single Action (Brakes) $195

In Stock Now

Jetronic Door Sequencer

3 modes covering various retract/door timing & sequence options. Simple setup/installation.

Price $170

In Stock Now


Robart 5" Spoke Wheels/Tires

A highly recommended upgrade!

6 Spoke (Pair) $420 In Stock Now

10 Spoke (Pair) $460 In Stock Now

Robart 5" No Spoke Wheels/Tires

Price (Pair) $420

In Stock Now

Robart 4" Spoke Wheels/Tires

A highly recommended upgrade!

8 Spoke (Pair) $395 In Stock Now

Robart Scale Wheels

3.25" Price $55 In Stock Now

3.50" Price $60 On Order

3.75" Price $65 Special Order

4.00" Price $70 In Stock Now

Braked Alloy Wheels

3.5" mains with matching 2.75" nose wheel.

Price - $195

In Stock Now

Airtop 200mm/8" Tundra

Price $360 (Pair)

On Order

Dubro Vintage Wheels (Pair)

3" - Price $49

In Stock Now

3.5" Price $69

In Stock Now

MBL Alloy Hub Wheels (Pair)

From 2.75" ($55) to 8.5" ($260)

Most common sizes in stock - Please call or email for stock status

Tail Wheels

Tail Wheel Assembly - 60/120 Size

Can be a very nice upgrade. 40mm wheel included.

Price $40

In Stock Now

Alloy Hub Tail Wheels

25mm Price $15 - In Stock Now

32mm Price $20 - On Backorder

38mm Price $25 - In Stock Now

45mm Price $30 - On Backorder